Design Challenges – why we value them at HKIS

Imagination is everything
Imagination allows us to connect to something important to us. Our Design Challenge aims to stimulate creativity. We provide the materials. Students bring the ideas. Questions get asked. We encourage them to sketch their ideas. Then, we build, test, and problem solve our designs into reality. Two hours later, we take home what we make. Thereafter, we tell the story of the fun. How we did it. And how we can’t wait to do it again. Imagination is a pathway to passion.

IMG_2305Design lets us improve
It permits us to make mistakes. As we build, we see things that don’t work or did not plan for. We brainstorm, try again, and maybe even ask for help. Our thinking shifts and problem-solving skills kick in. We see things differently. Remember, design is a process.  Each build completed grows our confidence. We take that confidence and our energy into our next challenge.
IMG_2281 - Version 2
Keep building
Do not wait for us, build again. Use what you can find around your house. Creativity comes from limits.  Invest your time, tap your creative processes, and play. You will see that magic comes from imagination and smiles are infectious. Be it on your dining room table, in your kitchen, or somewhere outside your home, let your thoughts become things. Reality, more so now than ever, needs more imagination.

Imagination is everything, it is a preview of life’s coming attractions. – Albert Einstein

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