Ever wonder about parachutes?

Students from 2-HE and 2-DW did. Their challenge, “create a parachute to help a pumpkin gently land from a fall.” Armed with imagination, collaboration, and numerous materials, they created and tested one.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 3.15.08 PM

Ask, image, plan
Students divided up into groups of three. Conversations ensued. Excitement intensified. And ideas took shape. From animated discussions, students moved on to sketch their ideas. Words are great; yet, a sketch connects us to others. It helps us work through what we want to communicate.

Sketches were basic and enthusiasm ran high. Scissors came out. Tape was used liberally. We learned what to hold and how to use the “hot glue” gun. And parachutes took shape.

IMG_8220How do you know if your parachute works? One member climbed and two steadied. Pumpkins hit the floor, some faster than others. Shouts of “again,” and “I want to climb” ensued. Back at the design table, insights came out. “The paper is too heavy.” “More tape.” “We need more sticks.” Teams talked, they sketched a bit more, and then they improved their designs.

The big drop
Fun was in the air. Although each drop lasted only seconds, the excitement lives on with each student. No plastic pumpkins were lost in the drop. Go wonder!


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