MS edTech Orientation — in it together.

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On August 12 and 14, new MS parents came together as a community to investigate and learn about Educational Technology at HKIS. We shared that “technology is ever-evolving, and we want you to do amazing things with it… “ click to continue reading our belief statement In two hands-on sessions led by faculty and facilitated by students, we watched videos, discussed questions, voted, and got to know other parents and students. Our goal was to help parents raise their awareness around the concept of Digital Citizenship.

In prior edTech orientations, you viewed an extensive slide presentation, got told what not to do, and then signed our Responsible Use Agreement. Through feedback and our desire to do better, we redesigned the program. We prompted discussions with questions. “Education is about learning, not grades?” “What type of technology role model are you?” We chose video content created by students and Common Sense Media. To ensure continuity throughout the school, the tech coaches collaboratively designed Mr. Lea’s presentations. The process pushed us to practice what we believe, to be “flexible problem solvers open” to new ideas. It forced us to take risks, and yes, we made a couple of mistakes.

We want you to know; we are committed to continued edTech learning opportunities. Through a series of parent coffee mornings, we will investigate, ideate, and offer solutions to questions introduced at orientation. We will explore our relationship with technology and see how students use technology to extend their learning.

Thank you for your time.

“One last thing,” if you want to learn more about your relationship with your smartphone download Moment. You will be amazed where your time goes.

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