Cultivating coding and engineering with Bee-Bots


All students in R2 learn how to code using Bee-Bots. Some students take it even further and challenge themselves by creating real-life scenarios for their Bee-Bot. Students construct mini towns — complete with roads and bridges — for their Bee-Bots to travel through. Students also practice their estimation and measurement skills, to make sure the roads, bridges and turns fit their Bee-Bot’s height and width. Building these 3D real life towns forces a level of accuracy in student coding which both challenges and engages them. If their Bee-Bot hits a bridge, it could topple over unless it was well constructed. If they do not make the correct turns, the Bee-Bot ends up missing the bridge altogether and possibly at a dead end. The activity enables a range of learners to work together–some will be builders, others will code. And yet others will make signs for the town. This project brings a community together naturally during play time.

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