Young photographers

Students take photographs before they enroll in school. Camera phones make it easy to document every aspect of our lives. Most R1 students come to us already proficient in the use of shooting photographs on mobile devices. With no film cost, it is fun and entertaining.  So, students shoot a lot of photographs, yet if you check the web, it is clear many have not been taught the characteristics of a good photograph.

spyglassypSo, we did something about that. This week, our youngest students in R1 learned that photography is not just point and click. They learned how to frame a photograph to give it context and to intrigue viewers. They learned about depth and how/when to use zoom controls. They practiced how to look into an eyehole and hold still while taking actual shots. It’s harder than it looks. They learned how to hold and walk properly with a camera. And most important, , they learned the concept of permission. Why we need to ask permission before we take and post photographs of people.

camerayp Students practiced their new skills in their classrooms. Then, we went on a mini field trip to find objects and
willing subjects to photograph. We took a variety of shots,  still life objects, students, teachers, and even each other while taking photographs. It was particularly hard for a couple of students to work up the courage to ask strangers for their permission to take a photograph.

Well done R1 on practicing both patience and courage on what seems like a simple skill.


Photography exhibits are on display in the R1 spaces on both campuses. Or view a slideshow here.

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