PE Teachers lead out in assessing tacit knowledge acquisition

Tacit knowledge

Knowledge that’s difficult to write down, visualize or transfer from one person to another.[1]

10 examples of tacit knowledge[2]

A good writer can describe the movement or motion of an athlete. Unfortunately, we are not all good writers. So, how can a PE teacher provide ongoing feedback to support students’ understanding of skills and proficiencies? By mixing technology and feedback!  We pair slow motion video playback with audio notations. We share videos to provide exemplars. We give and grade assessments online. The result, PE teachers provide specific, timely, and continuous assessment on tacit knowledge.

quizhamletTechnology only gets us so far. The Full Value Contract lets the PE teacher make and uphold agreements with students that develop skills and proficiencies, i.e., tacit knowledge.. The FVC emphasises progress and consistency over time instead of checking off skills one by one. It consists of five learning objectives: safe, present, open to outcomes, fair, and honest. The FVC does not focus on punctuality, attitude, behaviour, effort, or attendance. It focuses on performance in order to improve learning.

Due to the mobile nature of the PE classroom, it is challenging to provide timely and ongoing assessments. When you are running, moving, or swimming, how do you hold a pen and paper? So, with a little tech and curriculum collaboration and a whole lot of work and determination from the PE teachers, assessments were redesigned.

Schoology, our learning management system, sits at the center of PE assessments. Sure, teachers still use their traditional notebook to jot down comments and provide verbal comments. Yet now certain comments, especially ones around FVC performance, get entered in the comment boxes in Schoology assignments. Rubrics

a document that articulates the expectations for an assignment by listing the criteria, or what counts, and describing levels of quality from excellent to poor[3]

were created for major assessments. Quizzes are given in Schoology to assess related knowledge and understanding. And with Schoology, students can view their progress digitally in chronological order at any time.


By leveraging Schoology’s digital learning ecosystem, redesigned assessments, and the Full Value Contract, the PE teachers are leaders in and exemplars of tacit knowledge acquisition.

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